Dubrovnik is always a great location for a vacation! Take lessons about Croatian history on its streets, visit magical sites and recognize Dubrovnik’s beauty.

Dubrovnik – a lifetime love affair

To find out why Dubrovnik is commonly known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, you must walk its streets, try its food, talk to its people and wander around its walls and terraces by yourself. There is no way to explain it with words and any photo you take will never be good enough to show what it’s like to be in Dubrovnik and feel its spirit – the spirit of Antiquity, history and modern times, Mediterranean, hospitable people and delicacies – everything you ever wished for in one place. This town and you will have a lifetime love affair!

Proud symbol of Croatia

Dubrovnik is an extraordinary and magical city built on a rocky peninsula surrounded by the sea and centuries-old stone walls. This fortified city stands tall for many years and you would never guess that there had been a war (the Croatian War of Independence) in which many monuments and city walls were damaged. There has been significant reconstruction work on the damaged cultural heritage of Dubrovnik, so today, it is a symbol of a strong heritage of the ancient times and new Croatian republic.

Walk through history

If you’re searching for an adventure, you can always go for a swim or go kayaking on incredibly blue and crystal clear sea. Or if you’re up for history lessons, enter the town’s walls through Ploče Gate, pass Revelin fortress, visit the Church of St. Sebastian, peek into the Dominican Monster or take a day trip to islands Lopud or Lokrum that is 15 minutes ferry ride away from Dubrovnik and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

If you haven’t heard, lately everyone is talking about Game of Thrones franchise – and if you’re also up to that kind of amusement – you can take a GOT tour and get to know every corner of fascinating King’s Landing. More precisely, go for a walk to Lovrijenac aka St. Lawrence Fortress from which you can get the best view on the entire old city. Then enter the Old Town through Pile Gate, throw a coin into the Onofrio’s Large Fountain (Great Onofrio Well) on Stradun.

Talk to the locals about their life stories on Sponza Place or at the Orlando Column which is the local’s favorite meeting place. Check out the valuable and historic exhibits at the Rector’s Palace which is now a city museum. Peek inside the Church of St. Blaise or into the Cathedral which includes a Assumption of Our Lady/The Virgin painting/polyptych that has been assumed to have been painted by Titan.

Living to eat

One thing that you will learn in Dubrovnik is that Croatians do not eat to live, they live to eat, and that’s what life is all about. A great Konavle wine after fresh octopus salad with green onions, small bits of tomato, capers, laurel, parsley and other seasonings with the perfect amount of local homemade olive oil and red wine vinegar – as a perfect recipe for an amazing afternoon. Croatians sure know how to live a life to the fullest, like every day is a holiday and that everything you do you must do with love. You’ll easily fall in love with Dubrovnik and its lifestyle. Fall in love with everything you see, otherwise, don’t do anything at all – that’s the Croatian way!

And what if you get an urge to visit Dubrovnik once again? Keep that feeling of Dubrovnik spirit, cherish it and you’ll always be welcome on its streets!