The world is experiencing burger inflation with the Organic – no GMO food preference in full force making restaurants to craft their own burger recipes in competition with the big McDonalds and Burger King. Zagreb in Croatia has not been left behind in all these; if you’re looking for tasty burgers with fresh steak and salads, here’s what to take a bite of.

Bacon Burger at Kelly’s Grill & Bar

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This fast food restaurant located 3.1 miles from Gornji Grad is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It serves great medium-sized burgers prepared with fresh ingredients. Pricing is reasonable, burgers served with soft, delicious fries and good sauce goes for 45kn. The ambient is unashamedly laid back with big tables and a chalkboard displaying the menu. The service is excellent, the bacon is juicy well-seasoned and cooked, and you can wash it down with a couple of drinks too. You can get other burgers such as the mushroom burger and cheeseburger. You can find out more about it on their Facebook page Kelly’s Grill & Bar.

Vegetarian Burger at Burgeraj

Craving for that American style burger? Step into this restaurant at Preradoviceva Street 13 for a taste of their homemade burger and wash it down with Fentimans juice. Burgeraj is a twist of the Zagreb slang “Purgeri” – meaning Zagrebian. Get a feel of home in this living room like a restaurant. Feel the juicy burger explode in your mouth as you take in the view of the city through the restaurant’s large windows. The restaurant makes use of handcrafted leather stools. Wood and metals to achieve a minimalistic décor.

The vegetarian burgers in this restaurant are some of the burgers in Zagreb. They’re prepared from fresh local ingredients and served with free potato chips toppings. For 35-47kn, you can get homemade burger varieties such as caramelized onion burger, pepper jam burger, bacon burger. See more about this food place on their Facebook page Burgeraj.

Brewbites Jalapenos-Garlic-onion Cheeseburgers

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It’s located at the center of the city – 10 Gajeva street. You can enjoy meals while watching sports on the mega-screen. It’s a cozy place with excellent service from friendly staff. The Burgers here are of American style too. The fan-favorite is the one combining the world’s top foods into a juicy burger and served with soft potato chips. Brewbites makes use of local organic ingredients with no additives.

The Jalapenos-Garlic-onion burger is rich in nutritional contents such as calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and sodium. The diced onion, glaze and jalapeno pepper make the meat moist and go well with the sauce. A taste of this and you will be asking for the recipe. See their Brewbites Zagreb Facebook page.

Papa’s MOM’s Favorite Burger

Located at Tuškanac 1, Zagreb, Papa’s burger bar makes use of local recipes to give their burgers a “Croatian” taste. Get a good-sized burger here with bacon and cheese at reasonable prices. The beef in the burger is up to 180 g – making the portion descent sized.

The fan-favorite burger is the MOM’s FAVORITE BURGER. It is prepared by grilling together top foods such as beef, fresh cucumber, lettuce, tomato, cottage cheese, and sauce. This burger is 100 % beef Pattie and served with free mayo, ketchup, and soft, crispy potato chips. Water it down with Brooklyn Beer while relaxing on the cool terrace.

Bistro ŠalŠa’s yogurt-dressed meat burger with bits of green salads

This speakeasy bar is the hidden gem of Tresnjevka – western part of Zagreb and offers some of the best burgers in Zagreb. Their burgers are large-sized with soft-tender meat and tasty sauce. The burgers are offered at mid-range prices – around 50kn. The ambient is excellent; you can sit and eat from the balcony.

Their burger range is limited; they offer three types of burgers with homemade buns and juicy patties. Their fat-meat burger with bits of green salads has it all. It contains 200g of steak, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, fried paprika, onions, local cheese, and pickle. It is served with soft, delicious potato chips prepared with a homemade recipe. There are plenty of crafty drinks such as Nova Runda to wash down the burger. See their Facebook page for more info.

The above-mentioned burger places are just a few among the many burger places you can visit for a taste of delicious, fresh burgers. There’re plenty of bars and restaurants around Zagreb making use of their crafted burger recipes to treat folks to tasteful delights. Be sure to check in.

Visit Zagreb, make a wish at its main square, fall in love or plan your active vacation – the choice is yours, because Zagreb is waiting for you!

Big-city life state of mind in Zagreb

While most people travel directly to the Croatian sunny coastline, there is something quite different that attracts many tourists to Zagreb. Feel free and make yourself at home on its streets, at its restaurants, in parks, museums, shopping malls or clubs. Its mesmerising spirit with long history, cultural heritage and the “big-city life” state of mind will make you never want to leave it. Zagreb is a perfect place to be!

Experience Zagreb, Croatia’s capital of culture and politics

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and a home to a quarter of the country’s population. It is a cultural and political centre of Croatia that has a thriving and energetic spirit – it is a city that never sleeps. Most of the Zagreb’s attractions are in the city centre that’s divided on Gornji Grad (the Upper Town) and Donji Grad (the Lower Town). We recommend you start your adventure at the very centre of Zagreb – the city’s main square called Josip Ban Jelačić Square where the Upper and Lower Towns meet. Make a wish at the Well of Life – the Ivan Meštrović’s masterpiece – and promise yourself and to Zagreb that you’ll come back to its magnificent streets.

Discover the history of the upper and lower town

The Upper Town lies on a high plateau from which it radiates with history, some old times and tranquillity. It is a home to many city’s most visited tourist localities, including the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, parliament building, and numerous museums and churches such as the St. Mark’s Church, the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Tower of Lotrščak, the Stone Gate, etc. The Lower Town is a modern area known for its world-class museums and the Croatian National Theater. Peek inside of the Atelier Meštrović or Mimara Museum.

In the Archive of Tošo Dabac check out the spirit of Zagreb in 1930s through the lenses of the most appreciated Zagreb’s photographer. If the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then Tošo was definitely in love with Zagreb. His photographs will explain you, better than any person you meet, what does it mean to be a part of Zagreb. Sit for a coffee or glass of wine in one of the artistic coffee shops where time stops. It seems like its locals don’t care about anything except that cup of coffee – because life is all about the details and small things that make you happy. Croatians sure know hot to forget about the time when it’s necessary.

Zagreb’s outdoor life

Zagreb attractions

If you’re an outdoor person and you’re up for a peaceful evening, take a walk to the Medvednica Nature Park, hike along the Sljeme mountain and take a look inside Veternica cave system where you will find large bat colonies as well as prehistoric remains from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. Visit Jarun lake that is formed by an inlet of the Sava river. It is the primary spot for many outdoor activities such as rowing, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, jogging, skating, boating and skateboarding. Take a look inside the Botanical Garden Zagreb or Maksimir Park where the Zagreb City Zoo is located. Get to know funny facts about some exotic animals or just take a walk and renew your energy.

The street spirit of Zagreb

If you really want to meet the locals, feel the street spirit and learn their stories, you should visit Britanac, Dolac Market at Jelačić Square or Hrelić. Dolac is an authentic and lively market where you can find a variety of colourful seasonable fruits and vegetables. Hrelić is completely different story. It is a place where you can find everything from old bikes, clothes, Barbie dolls, TVs to the car parts, paintings and sofas. Pick your favorite object, bargain for it, then buy it and talk to the old saleswoman, commonly called kumica na placu (which in free translation means “the godmother of/on the market”), learn what is the Zagreb way of life and what was it like before, back in the days, in Yugoslavia when “everything was better”.

Feel and see Zagreb

Zagreb wall

Well, we can’t make the memories for you, you should do it by yourself. So, go for it! Climb that hill, sneak into that church, peek into that museum, try the pepper biscuits and beer in that pub! Feel it, see it and get to know it. Everything is in your hands!

What to do in Zagreb

  • Bookworms, writers, and artists will find their heaven in the Booksa – a place to chat, drink coffee, read a book, browse the library or surf with free wi-fi
  • Climb up the Lotrščak tower that has been built in the middle of the 13th century
  • Walk through the Botanical Gardens, a serene oasis in the city centre with trees older than 120 years
  • Peek into the Kallina House, one of the most unusual architectural achievement in Zagreb that was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century
  • See the 1st organised street art project whose history and Graffiti Wall dates from 1987 when young artists decided to give a gift to their beloved city
  • A 10-minute ride north of the city centre will take you to the Mirogoj, the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe, located at the foot of the Mountain Medvednica
  • In the centre of Zagreb you’ll find the ‘Nin Salt’ museum/store that reveals the story of how salt was made in the past and how it’s made today
  • If you’re tired of walking around, take a tour with the funicular that will take you up to Gradec – one-way trip costs 5 kunas but the winter experience and a view of the city centre is sweet as a candy

Photos by Mario Fajt / CC BY

Advent is the most lovely time of the year, and several years near the time of Advent all the roads are leading to Zagreb. City where winter is somehow quite alive and you can feel the Christmas spirit on every corner.

You can taste homemade delicates Fritule, try an ice skating, walk within the Tunnel Grič, or just enjoy in the Christmas spirit. It’s something you just can’t explain – you need to see it. If you are a little bit of Grinch, don’t worry, Advent in Zagreb will change your mind immediately.

This is something you must put on your “things to see in Zagreb” list:

Advent on the Main Square

You can’t go in Zagreb without visiting the main square – Ban Jelačić Square. Just like every year, the Christmas wreath will be set around Manduševac Fountain, and the first candle will be lighted on 2nd December at 5 pm. Every Sunday, a new candle will light up until Sunday 24th December when the wreath will shine in full glory.

Jelačić Square

(Photo: Croatian National Tourist Board)

Advent on Zrinjevac

Near the main square, you will find a fairytale named Zrinjevac. A magical place with winterly decoration will make you fall in love with that place immediately. The old music pavilion during the Advent season becomes a haven for lovers of Christmas classics and waltzes. After singing and dancing you can go and catch a bite of fabulous and almost forgotten Zagreb specialties – krpice sa zeljem (pasta with cabbage).

Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square

(Photo: Julien Duval)

Ice Park

It is located right between the Art Pavilion and the statue of the first Croatian king, Tomislav. If you like ice skating this will surely be your favorite place in Zagreb. Alongside the ice park, there are also wooden houses where you can try Christmas delicates such as Fritule, mulled wine, sausages, and dumplings.

King Tomislav Square

(Photo: Davor Rostuhar)

Fooling around

This year Fuliranje or Fooling around will be located on the Strossmayer square, among Zrinjevac and Tomislav square. During the Advent, Fooling around works under the slogan: “Life is a circus” – and it brings a lot of great entertainment, food, drinks, love, laughter and more. Best local cuisine, various music concerts, DJ-s, clowns, fire-eaters, stilt walkers, and everything you need for having the best Advent experience ever.

Advent on Stross

Take a romantic walk on the Strossmayers promenade, the best place for sightseeing: the Lotrščak tower, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Museum of Broken Relationships. Strossmayers promenade is one of the most beautiful places to take a walk in Zagreb, anytime in a year, but especially at Christmas time. This year’s Advent program is full of numerous music concerts and kids shows.

Strossmayers Promenade

(Photo: Lice grada)

Advent in the Grič Tunnel

One place and two contrasting scenes we can’t wait to see. From 2nd till 17th December the Grič Tunnel will look like a street from the age of Charles Dickens. After 19th December till the end of Advent, it is going to be designed as “Wish”. Imagine presents, Christmas ornaments, and pines.

Advent at the Klovićevi Dvori

As a fairytale decorated with countless Christmas lights, white artificial snow, pine trees, hanged romantic mistletoes – all together will make Gradec the main Advent attraction. Idyllic Gornji Grad will have the music stage with the most magnificent views of the city, which will host each day bands that will make everybody dance.

Advent at the Klovićevi

(Photo: Lice grada)

Live Nativity Scene on Kaptol

In front of the Zagreb Cathedral on the Kaptol, community Cenacolo will demonstrate us the history-changing event – the Jesus’ birth and the first moments of his life.  You will see the three wise men, shepherds, Joseph and Virgin Mary, farm animals and the beautiful little byre in the Bethlehem.  Living Nativity will be held from 17th December 2017 to January 6, 2018.

Are you visiting Zagreb this year?