From Učka to Pazin and Labin, from Pula to Poreč and Hum – on every corner Istria will prove you its status of the most developed region in Croatia!

Spirit of Istria

There is no single word to describe how special Istria is because it has a spirit that is so much more than the sum of any words that you can think of. But, if we must choose, definitely some kind of answer about Istria lies in the combination of the sun and crystal clear blue sea on the coast, green fields in the inland, delicious food and wonderful people. Also known as the “New Tuscany” and the most developed region in Croatia, Istria is a perfect place to start your Mediterranean tour.

Discover the fruits of the noble hardworking people

People of Istra know exactly what it means to live Istrian way and to be a part of the Istrian land, commonly called as crvenica. Hard work and many years of efforts on this westernmost unspoilt ground in Croatia resulted in extra-virgin olive oils of the highest quality, red and white wines, delicious apricots, strawberries, plums, honey, truffles, cherries, pears, lavender, laurel, basil, rosemary, watermelons… Every delicacy you can imagine in one place – your plate. Feel the atmosphere of the authentic Istrian houses, visit homes of your hosts, taste their homemade food and homemade wines.  The scent and taste of Croatian delicacies will take you to an incredible journey.

Learn history on every corner

When talking about journeys at the seaside, everywhere you look you can see the azure sea and the bluest sky you’ve ever seen, among which seagulls are joyfully rejoicing and calling you to join them. Experience magnificent landscapes of the so-called Blue Istria, where you lose track of time while diving, sailing, swimming and sunbathing. Explore Green Istria, find your own paths and take a walk through breathtaking green hills, villages, streams and forests. Live Istria, breath Istria! There is a history lesson on every corner, so take a bite and learn everything that Istria ever was and ever will be!

Towns, villages, fortified ports and many more

Peek into the small churches, walled towns and hilltop villages, forgotten old citadels, fortified ports that stand as a reminder of some other times, times of Roman presence and Venetian architecture. Pula stands proudly for more than 3000 years with its Amphitheater, as the world’s best-preserved monument. Hum, as the smallest city in the world, Poreč with its Euphrasian Basilica as a part of world’s cultural heritage, Pazin and the famous castle featured in Jules Verne’s novel, beautiful Brijuni archipelago and all the small villages where you’ll feel like you’ve always belonged there.

Come to stay and fall in love with Istria

As you can see, sometimes it’s hard to explain or demonstrate what exactly makes people fall in love with Istria. Dear heaven knows how hard we tried to explain what Istria means and represents. It is unexplainable, rather impossible to sum it all up in a few words. It’s up to you to figure it all out – to write it down by yourself, as some kind of reminder or testimonial, as a lifetime memory. You will find yourself in the tranquility among Istrian nature.

We wish you a warm welcome, just relax and make yourself at home!