The island of Pag

From a family vacation to one of the greatest party resorts in Croatia and nearby. The island of Pag offers everything for your best vacation experience.

Island of lace, cheese, and parties

The island of Pag is one of the most outlandish islands in Croatia. Its beauty is exceptional, and it offers its tourists a dream vacation. If you like dancing, listening to music and just having fun, Zrće is the place for you. However, you might want to have a quiet and peaceful vacation with your family and friends – don’t worry, Pag that too. The island of Pag is full of peaceful locations perfect for families. The only thing you will hear is a few crickets that’ll keep you awake while you enjoy the holiday of your dreams. We recommend you to go to small towns and villages such as Šimuni, Povljana, and Dinjiška or to the city center of the island, also named Pag.

Photo by Darko Pevec CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

When you step on the island, it feels like another dimension, its landscape reminds of the moon. The coast is unique because of the wind called ‘bura’ which brings salt on the rocks and herbs. But since nature always finds its way, sheep find the salted grass on this unique island very yummy. And the product of this is the famous Pag cheese, one of the most awarded cheeses in the region.

Photo by Lisa Bredau CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Tempt your taste buds, take a bite of the divine!

‘Paška sol’ is considered one of the best salts and Pag saltern is the largest salt producer in whole Croatia. Every meal you eat has a little bit of this salt, but really, its true, every kitchen in Croatia has it. You can visit the saltern to find out more about the process of producing salt.

Except for salt, Pag is well known for its cheese ‘Paški sir’. Stunning cheese, made from sheep’s milk, but with an interesting taste because of the salted herbs that sheeps eat. This world-renowned cheese is available at almost every corner of the island because many families continue to uphold an age-old island tradition of cheese making.

It’s really hard not to spot a sign with ‘Paška janjetina’ on it in many corners. ‘Paška janjetina’ is Pag’s lamb and it has a really unique taste and smell because of sheep’s nutrition rich with various herbs and grass naturally salted by the wind.

Pag olive grove is about a thousand year old and when you see those trees it will remind you of Greece and their olive trees. If you wonder what a thousand years old olive trees look like, go to a small village called Lun and get to know everything about olive oil production.

Photo by Ambra Altomare CC BY-NC 2.0


Exploring the characteristics of Pag


If you want to take some beautiful photos and enjoy the perfect view, go to the Vidikovac Gradec, where you’ll have a panoramic view of the city Pag.

Do you know that the 15th Meridian east of Greenwich passes through the island of Pag? Well, it is true, you have a monumental place, just a few kilometers from the city Pag.

Suhozidi (Drywalls) are lifted as natural boundaries between the fences, high enough that the sheep cannot jump over, strong enough that the wind called ‘bura’ cannot crash them.

Photo by kzoop CC BY-NC 2.0

On the island of Pag, you can see salt being produced by draining on the small clay pools within which sea water is introduced. These small pools are called Saline and you will see them a lot.

Near Novalja, you can find a land formation in the shape of an isosceles triangle called Pag triangle. It is a phenomenon that attracts the attention of believers, alternative investigators of the past and ufologists. Based on geological research, it was found that the stones inside the Pag Triangle are brighter than the stones outside the triangle and cannot be found anywhere else on the island of Pag.

For all the party people

Novalja is considered one of the best Croatia’s party destinations. A resort called Zrće offers various summer music festivals and parties from afternoon till early mornings.

It’s a true paradise on the beach with lots of attractions such as bungee jumping, wakeboard, ski lift, jet ski ride and party boats. Every year, Zrće hosts a large number of tourists who come here to enjoy the summer rhythms.

Photo by LimeSpiked CC BY 2.0

Experience the uniqueness of this island

Pag town is also famous for its carnival, with two seasonal carnivals in the summer and in the winter time. The Paško Kolo is a traditional folk dance which is the pride of the whole area. As a young girl, women learn to dance this specific dance, they wear a special outfit and have braided hair. This dance is usually performed after church so that everybody can enjoy and hang out after it on the main square. There is also a song accompanying the dance which is performed so well that it gives you chills.

Buy Pag Lace as a souvenir; in 2009 lacemaking was added to the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.